Burnie and Chris Episode 23

Well, this went exactly how you think it did. It’s Burnie and Chris episode 23 and this might be one of the most iconic episodes yet. Why? THE RED SOX SWEPT THE YANKEES AGAIN! That’s right, Chris is now 0-6 against Matt in head to head matchups this year! Everyone on Team Matt loves to see it. Chris just goes off on a rant about what he wants the Yankees to do and while that happens Matt just laughs in victory the entire time. Don’t worry Chris, maybe one day the you’ll know what it’s like to having a successful team. But for now, just continue what you’re doing!

We have reached the Stanley Cup Final! Sadly, so did the Tampa Bay Lightning. Such an annoyance they’re back in the finals. However, their opponent is the first team to reach the finals from Canada since the 2011 Vancouver Canucks! It’s the Montreal Canadiens! Yes, finally Carey Price is in the Stanley Cup Final! We give our thoughts and predictions on the series and who will be hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup!

As for the NBA playoffs, we have reached the conference finals in now both the East and West! The Phoenix Suns lead the Los Angeles Clippers in the series 3-1 and they look to send Chris Paul to the NBA Finals for the first time in his career! Can the Suns do it? As for the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s the Milwaukee Bucks vs the Atlanta Hawks! Trae vs Giannis, something fans didn’t know they needed until they had it. Matt agrees with Kendrick Perkins about his take on Khris Middleton! What is that take? Listen and find out! Also, we give our thoughts on the Celtics hiring of Ime Udoka and the Blazers hiring of Chauncey Billups!

Lastly, the NFL approved that in 2022, teams can have throwback jerseys make a comeback! It’s time to see our friend Pat the Patriot!

Full list of topics for Burnie and Chris Episode 23

  • Yankees swept by Red Sox
  • NHL Playoffs update
  • NBA playoffs update
  • Ime Udoka is the next Celtics head coach
  • Chauncey Billups is the next Blazers head coach
  • Excitement over NFL throwbacks making a comeback

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