Breaking Down The NBA’s New Coaching Hires

This past weekend and even today were huge days for new NBA coaches to sign and be introduced to their new teams. There were a lot of new NBA coaching hires around the league.

We started on Friday with the Dallas Mavericks announcing Jason Kidd as their next head coach.

Kidd came highly regarded by former Mavs’ head coach, Rick Carlisle, and franchise player Luka Doncic.  The Mavs are in a weird spot right now.  They abruptly had the GM and head coach resign which left Doncic pissed off.  And it’s never good to have a top 10 player in the league mad at your franchise.  But anyway, Kidd came highly regarded and because of that he got this job.  Kidd was the starting point guard on the 2011 championship so he has history in Dallas.

But his head coaching career hasn’t always been the best. In Brooklyn, he underachieved with an aging Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. But he was mostly known for having his own player hit him so he could drop his drink and get a free timeout. Makes sense! Kidd then went over to Milwaukee where he had a young Giannis and went 139-152 in four years with the Bucks. But I am all for second (third?) chances! I think Kidd will do wonders for Luka’s career and will actually lead them out of the first round.

New NBA Coaching Hire #2: Chauncey Billups to Portland

After Kidd’s announcement on Friday, Chauncey Billups was announced as the Blazers new coach.

Portland signed Billups to a five year deal.  But will he have Damian Lillard?  No one knows.  Depending on who you ask you will get different answers.  I personally think he is going to give it one year with Billups and if it doesn’t work then he moves on.  I love Lillard and he is such a standup guy that I feel like he wants to give Billups a chance.  Now will they move CJ McCollum?  Maybe.  I think him for Ben Simmons is pretty much the talk of the town, but nonetheless Billups will have an All-NBA talent and arguably the second best destination in the new coaching market.

Ime Udoka to Boston

Then finally today, the man himself, Ime Udoka was announced as the Celtics 18th head coach.

I am very excited to see what Udoka can do.  I know how much Tatum and Brown love him and I wish it was October already!  If Udoka and Stevens can build a roster around the Jays then we can be a top 4 team.  I think Atlanta was a fluke this year, the Knicks will be ok, Miami is too spotty, and depending on what Philly does the Celtics can easily be a top 3 seed.  I think Udoka can lead them further than Stevens could and I am excited to see it happen!

That wraps up the new NBA coaching hires throughout the league.

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