It’s Time to hop on the Buffalo Bills Bandwagon

I’ve written before how blessed we are as Boston sports fans. 20 years of pure dominance and never thought about missing the playoffs. This year is a little bit different. At 2-5 and 3rd in the AFC East, it is not looking good for the Pats. Never say never. We have lived through the 2004 Red Sox, but it doesn’t look like this is the same case. With no January football for the home team. Who do you root for?

The Buffalo Bills

I was going to write this last week, but I had some complications. However, I am glad I got the extra week. The Bills balled out yesterday. The score differential is only 10, but in context, this game wasn’t close. Josh Allen played like an MVP. He dedicated the game to his late grandmother, and what a game to dedicate. Allen threw for 415(!) and three touchdowns. Completely outplayed Russell Wilson, who many had as an MVP candidate going into that game.

I think as a Pats fan, it’s easy to root for them this year because it’s never been a true rivalry. The Patriots have been AFC East champions 10 straight times, or something like that. This year is a wash for us too, so why not root for little bro? Yesterday solidified it for me. They are a fun team to root for, and Josh Allen is playing unreal. Listen, I don’t know if this will last, but I’ll crash with the train. Can you imagine if fans were allowed? They would be going insane! I’m excited to watch them, and hey, if it isn’t us, might as well be someone in our division. Don’t let Pat Mahomes get any more rings.

They got a good, fun, passionate, caring fanbase. I’m all aboard.

-Mike (@amikewithamic_)

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