Are We Sure the Celtics Will Be Better Next Season

Last year, the Celtics were probably the second best team after the Bucks.

Miami is an outlier, sorry!

Anyways, the Celtics were very good and really should have been the team that made the finals this year and served as the toy for Lebron and AD.

That did not happen, obviously.

That being said, there was much optimism for next season. I’m here to squash that.

Tatum Played Above His Head

Tatum was near MVP level toward the end of the Celtics season and into the playoffs.

He will regress this season. He is a very good player, maybe even great, but he is not and will never be elite.

That was mirage.

Defenses will adjust and exploit Tatum’s mental fragility. He lacks a killer mentality like his mentor Kobe.

Tatum will regress enough that the Celtics will have to adjust after losing some games early.

Brown is Not Good Offensively

Brown will look to take some of the offensive burden off of Tatum next season.

He will be unable to do so.

Once defenses key in on Jaylen Brown, he is unable to create on his own.

Naturally, this limits his potential on offense.

He has the athleticism to play with anyone, but lacks refinement and touch likes Tatum has.

If we could combine Tatum and Brown into one player, they would be a KD or Lebron level stud. As it is, we cannot do that.

Thus, both lack the edge to really put this team over the top.

Kemba is Getting Older

Kemba notably regressed towards the end of the season.

He also was a nonfactor in the playoffs. Yes, there were injuries, and that is part of the problem. However he is also too small.

Kemba is too small when defenses tighten up at the end of games at the NBA level. He could do it in college, and has the mentality and willingness, but he is just too small.

He also, due to the injuries, has lost a step. The thing is, he is getting older, and those injuries are not going away. More will come, not less as he ages,


This guy is washed. He was overrated to begin with, but he even lost his third guy potential with the injuries.

He lacks any consistency at all since the injury. He will have flashes and games where he looks great, then disappear for a week.

It is not his fault, however the chips fell how they would.

It is unfortunate, but that is the way it is.

He also has nagging injuries, like Kemba, that will get worse over time, not better.

Sad Truth

The Celtics are probably still a fifty win team, but not a finals contender.

I didn’t even mention the plethora of mediocre young guys we have drafted.

Prepare to be disappointed next season.

Save us, Tacko!

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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