BSP’s Blocked List Ep. 6: Celtics Destined for Success | Is Cam Newton a Lock at QB 1?

In this week’s episode of BSP’s Blocked List your host Brianna covers a bunch a topics ranging from the Bruins knocking out the Hurricanes to missing players at Pats practice. BSP also gives her opinion on questions we’ve all been asking, like what’s up with N’Keal Harry missing practice? How bad is Jarrett Stidham’s injury? Bruins in 5?

Plus Brianna gives you her reasoning on why she thinks the Celtics are destined for success with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Also venting about how she feels about the fans saying the refs are on the bruins B’s side.

We can’t forget those BLOCKED stories and going over the people BSP has pissed off this week, which during the playoffs is pretty easy.

Be sure to check in next week for a brand new episode Friday at noon!

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