Bruins Goaltender Tuukka Rask has returned to the ice post-surgery

Tuukka Rask was spotted at Warrior Ice arena this week. He was joined by Bruins coaching staff and was donning full Bruin’s gear. At the end of the Bruins playoff run, Rask made it known in an interview that he had been dealing with a torn labrum since the bubble hockey play against Carolina. Rask had been dealing with the injury throughout the bubble play and all of last season. Finally, the wheels fell off and it became too much to manage the injury. Before the injury flared up again in games four and five of the semi-finals series against the Islanders, Rask was league leading in various goaltending statistics throughout the playoffs.

Timeline for Rask’s return to play

Bruins Head Coach Bruce Cassidy was asked about Rask in an interview after the video of Rask being on the ice traversed Twitter. When asked, Coach Cassidy said that it appears Rask is still on track for a January or February timetable for returning to game action. The 34-year-old goaltender remains unsigned by the Bruins, however both he and the Bruins expect for a deal to be in place. Rask also stated at the end of the playoffs last season he only wants to play for Boston. The Bruins appear to feel the same way as they are allowing him access to team resources on his rehabilitation journey.

Bruins Goaltender controversy

Rask is still a way out from returning to play if he in fact does return. Looking ahead, the Bruins would have three goaltenders in the mix. The odd man out presumably would be rookie goaltender Jeremy Swayman. While it is not unheard of for a team to roll with three goaltenders, because Swayman is waivers-exempt, he would more than likely be sent down to Providence. He’d be joining fellow rookie netminder Kyle Keyser and the rest of the Bruins AHL affiliate.

Bruins, Rask, and the Winter Olympics

Rask’s timetable is still rather foggy, however there is a chance he could join his home country of Finland in the Winter Olympics this February. While Rask is currently the oldest Finnish goaltender in the NHL, he could be a huge addition to the Finnish Olympic team. All of this is assuming Rask is healthy enough and can return to the level of play he is known for. Also, this is if Rask is even interested in participating or would prefer to focus on his return to the NHL.

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