Browns v Packers All-22 Review

The loss on Christmas felt a lot like a gut punch after everything the Browns have been through the last couple of weeks. Despite still missing several key plays the Browns took it down to the wire with the 1st place Packers. There were several great and a few more bad takeaways you had after watching this game. Let’s dive into my thoughts after rewatching the All-22 film of Saturday’s Browns v Packers matchup.

Offensive Thoughts

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Let’s start with some of the good takeaways from the game in regards to the offensive performance on Christmas. Outside of the turnovers (which decided the game ultimately), I thought the offense looked as consistent and productive as they had in months. There were a lot of misdirection plays, including two successful reverse plays to Schwartz, and some nice creativity. The run game had been stifled in the past few weeks but they really found their rhythm in this matchup. Plenty of presnap motion and schemed open plays, one of Stefanski’s best as a play-caller this season.

Now the elephant in the room, Baker Mayfield his four interceptions and overall performance this weekend. I will say early outside of the first pick he started 6/8, he was sharp and looked as healthy as I have seen. The Browns picked up 15 first downs which really helped them open up the running lanes for all the 2nd half success they had on the ground. Right now it looks like on film that most of Baker Mayfield’s issues start mentally. There were some major footwork issues on one of the interceptions to Jarvis but it starts with indecisiveness. What I see on film is a guy who is uncertain of where he wants to go with the ball if his first read isn’t immediately open. Baker had more than a few throws that you love to see but the consistency in that department just isn’t there.

Offensive Player Highlights

I would like to talk a little about two of the more impressive performances I saw on offense. Two young guys that I really thought played well were Nick Harris and Anthony Schwartz. As a rookie, Harris had one good game and one bad game at guard. In his first game as a center (of the future?), he was athletic and strong. He had a pretty hard matchup against Kenny Clark but he was up to the challenge. Anthony Schwartz, finally healthy it seems, looked fast and dynamic at times. He got two ends around both resulting in over 10-yard gains, something we had been wanting to see all year.

Defensive Thoughts

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Any time you are able to hold the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers to 3 points for an entire half you expect to see some good tape. There were a couple of throws and catches made by Adams and Lazard on the first two touchdown drives that just make you shake your head. Aaron Rodgers is just that good of a quarterback and to hold him to 24 points is impressive. The Browns were not able to generate much pressure in this game, a result of Rodgers getting rid of the ball almost immediately. He knew that Myles Garrett was on the other side and the Packers schemed to take him out of the game. Without Jadeveon Clowney the Packers were successful, if he returns Monday night that would be a massive return.

The speed and reactions of this defense pop off the screen when watching the film of Saturday. The Browns swarm to the ball, though there were some missed tackles that must be cleaned up. JOK continues to flash and you have a hard time not seeing him on the field. His ability to close, even when beat, is at an elite level already. Grant Delpit looks like the guy that once had top 10 hype in the NFL draft. All of this and they were still down several of their best players, a depleted defense went into Lambeau and still gave the Browns a chance to win the game.

Jacob Roach (@roachizm13 on twitter)

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