Brian Flores NOT Josh McDaniels is NFL’s Top Coaching Candidate

The NFL saw not one, not two, but six head coaches get fired today. Eight total this season after the Browns fired Hue Jackson and the Packers fired Mike McCarthy. So far, the Broncos, Browns, Bengals, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets, and Packers are coachless. So with these eight teams having no leader, the big question is — who should lead them?

Surely we’ll see the same coaches in different spots. Maybe some will still be head coaches, others may just be coordinators. But one thing is for certain. The New England Patriots have the two most sought after coaches.

Josh McDaniels has been rumored as the next guy for what seems like an eternity now. However; the Patriots have who is definitely the hot ticket. Brian Flores

Josh McDaniels had his coaching try with the Denver Broncos and even though he defeated his mentor in Bill Belichick, his Broncos tenure wasn’t the greatest. And lets not forget the fiasco that was him going to the Colts and deciding last second (literally) that he wasn’t going. But with McDaniels coming back to New England, it sure seems like he’s Bill’s heir apparent.

But he isn’t the hot coach this year. That title belongs to New England defensive assistant Brian Flores. Flores who was a linebacker at Boston College has been with the Patriots since 2004. He started as a scout and worked his way up to “defensive coordinator” this past season. Even though he has the title of “defensive assistant”, it’s pretty clear that he in fact runs the defensive gameplan.

So far, the Broncos, Browns, Bucs, Dolphins, and Packers have put in requests to speak with Flores. Flores actually has a relationship with Bucs GM Jason Licht when the two worked for the Patriots from 2009-2011.

Even though Flores’ defense this season has been up and down, they’ve got the job done more often then not. So far, the team that seems most interested in Flores are the Denver Broncos. Looks like Flores was one of the first coaches they wanted to target after releasing Vance Joseph.

– Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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