BREAKING: Patriots Reportedly Trade Jimmy Garoppolo To The 49ers

And there it is, folks. The Jimmy G era in New England has officially only lasted five and a half quarters.

You are now, I would assume, looking at the newest starting quarterback in San Francisco for years to come.

So reaction to the trade. My phone is legit blowing up with people telling me that the Patriots made a mistake in only getting a second round pick in return for the coveted quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Jimmy G will have a successful NFL career. Will it be right away? Ehhhhhh probably not being that San Fran is essentially talentless at the moment with no offensive line and little to no help in regards to offensive weapons.

But now that they have a franchise quarterback in their mitts, they can begin to build around Jimmy.

Adam Schefter is reporting on Twitter that the trade talks between the two teams fired up Monday morning and, obviously were completed pretty quickly.

Back to the details of the trade. The Patriots landed a second round pick from the… 0-8… 49ers. And here’s why they were not able to land a first.

For the most part, the quarterback position in the NFL is filled for each team despite a few. So while teams would LOVE to have Jimmy fill that role over their current situation, that doesn’t mean they are willing to dump a first round pick. I don’t think NFL fans realize how much value that first pick holds. Teams don’t just give that up, unless you’re Minnesota, lol. But NFL franchises tend to build their team around that first round pick for years to come… Especially teams looking to rebuild such as the 49ers.

And let’s be frank here, Garoppolo is no longer worth a first round draft pick and that’s a fact. If I’m doing the math right, which I believe I am, Jimmy hasn’t played a professional snap in a live NFL game other than preseason, and including playoffs, for 25.5 games since going down at the hands of Miami back in the infantile stage of the 2016 season.

Right there is your first reason why he is not worth a first round pick. He hasn’t shown any amount of durability yet. All he has shown is he can get hurt relatively quickly.

All his value has done since sitting on the bench for all of this time is diminish. How are you going to swing a first round pick for a guy who hasn’t played in 25.5 games? The answer’s simple, you can’t.

Did he look excellent and immensely poised in the pocket in those few quarters he played? Well yeah. But last time he actually started in a game the iPhone 7 had been recently announced. I now have the iPhone 8. Sick humble brag.

There’s simply no evidence at this point that says you could have gotten a first round pick for him. Sure, maybe in the offseason when his value was still scorching hot. But we’re eight games into the season now. Hell, he hasn’t even been under center since week three of the preseason. What happens when you leave something sitting for to long? It rusts.

And I really want to hammer this point home. The Patriots needed Garoppolo for four games. Four. FOUR. FREAKING FOUR GAMES. And he couldn’t make it through two. Not a great look.

And you know what else this tells me? The Patriots have bought in to Tom Brady’s avocado ice cream diet and think he’s good to play well into his 40s. And can I get a hell yeah?! Because I want Tom Brady to be my quarterback in New England until I die watching those sons of bitches play when I’m 88 and science has kept Bill alive and coaching until he’s 200.

Also place your bets. Quags thinks he’s alive until he’s 88. Mark it down.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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