BREAKING NEWS: NFL Postpones Pats- Broncos Till Next Monday Due to COVID

The NFL has shut down the Patriots’ training facility due to another positive COVID-19 test result.

During Saturday morning’s test rounds, another Patriots player tested positive and so the NFL quickly shut down the training facility as reported by ESPN’s, Adam Shefter.

As Adam pointed in his tweet this morning, the game between the Patriots and the Broncos became questionable.

The news of this positive test out of New England weren’t the only ones.

The Tennessee Titans also had another positive test this morning. Their facility was also forced to shut down and the game between Buffalo and the Titans is also in question.

Oh Wait! There is More News…

As reported earlier, the Patriots vs. Broncos game was in limbo. However, the NFL quickly made up their minds for once and postponed the game till next Monday. Per a statement released by the NFL, “The decision was made to ensure the health and safety of players” something that fans all around the country have been questioning about the NFL and its management.

What Could Be Next For the NFL?

Personally, I have been furious with the handling of COVID-19 cases by the NFL and I am sure I am not the only one. Many fans across the country have voiced their opinions and with the outburst in positive cases, the NFL doesn’t seem to be extremely “concerned” about the actual health and safety of players, staff and members of these teams.

I firmly believe the NFL should strongly consider shutting down operations for two weeks. Now why do I say this? Truly, while teams continue to show a good amount of negative cases, it is best to allow the players to fully quarantine for two weeks straight. Even if they are asymptomatic or even if their exposure has been minimal, the isolation period would allow for them to be healthy and be able to come back without a worry of a larger spike in cases.

The NFL then would be better off adding two extra weeks to the schedule, and honestly, I don’t see any harm in postponing the Super Bowl till March. As a fan of the game, and as a sports person, I can’t stress enough how highly important it is to maintain the health and safety of all involved at the utmost importance.

In the meantime though, please join me in wishing all affected during this COVID-19 outbreak in the NFL a speedy and healthy recovery.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter). 

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