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Boston news media and ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that Gordon Hayward has agreed to terms of a 4-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets worth $120 Million.

The Deal – Breaking News…

Boston Celtics fans knew this would be the last year seeing Gordon hayward wearing a Celtics jersey for many reasons. During the previous playoff run, it was obvious to many that Gordon wanted out and unfortunately that feeling was mutual.

However, the contract drawn by the Celtics to obtain his talents here in Boston, gave him an option to remain with the team and make an additional $35 Million.

The deal brokered by his agent, Mark Balterstein with Priority Sports, is definitely the win of the trade season. For some, the deal seems as a perfect option for Gordon to go out to Charlotte and prove what he’s made of. For others, this deal is overkill and Charlotte probably overpaid.

The Charlotte Hornets will now have the opportunity at having a super duo once again. Charlotte drafted with the 3rd pick in the first round, no other than LaMelo Ball. Now, the hornets get the man they been after since 2014 when Gordon Hayward signed an offer sheet at the end of his rookie year with Charlotte but Utah matched that offer in order to keep him.

Thoughts on the Deal?

Listen, while I know Boston has taken some serious losses in the past 18 months. Some of those have actually been serious gains for us.

For starters, Kyrie Irving gone was really not a loss for the city, it was a HUGE win. Brady gone, ehh oh well! Hayward gone, will see what he does in Buzz City. I guess the only real loss for us was Mookie Betts but Red Sox ownership deserved a gut punch and that’s what they got.

Seriously speaking though, the deal that Gordon just got is absolutely a huge win for Gordon but a big risk taken by Charlotte.

Charlotte will now be forced to waive someone in order to make cap-space.

Personally, I would’ve thought that Gordon could’ve gone anywhere under a 2-year deal worth $40-$50 Million with an option to renew, this way, teams would’ve managed risk. I guess at times a big name just carries a lot of weight?

Next Move For Boston?

So now with Enes Kanter and Gordon hayward gone, what is the next move for Boston?

Quite frankly, I think Danny might’ve screwed our chances of getting Myles Turner to Boston considering he could’ve traded with Indiana for Myles. I guess the feisty rivalry between Michael Jordan and Ainge isn’t over considering Jordan just gave Danny one good ole slap in the kisser.

While the weekend is still young and there is still time to make moves, don’t count Boston out yet. Danny had a decent NBA Draft and now we are unfortunately having to play the wait-and-see game. The question for all us now is if its worth playing the game that Danny is pitching.

Good luck to Gordon and the city of Charlotte with this signing, hopefully it doesn’t sting them in the butt. (Pun-intended joke).

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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