BREAKING NEWS: Antonio Brown Released By The Patriots

11 days ago, Patriots fans couldn’t believe that their offense was going to add the talent that was Antonio Brown. Brown had a lot of questions about his past and his attitude off of the field. People wondered if he would even last the season with the Patriots. He didn’t even last two weeks! The Patriots announced today that they have released the wide receiver.

What Led To His Release?

Honestly, it was a combination of a number of things. The initial rape claim was the first straw. Next came the farting doctor story and the artist second attack on him. Now,  screenshots he supposedly sent to his second attacker was the latest factor to come into play.

While the texts don’t necessarily portray threatening messages, the fact that Brown ever texted the artist is probably what did it for him. It stinks to see Brown go because of the talent portion. But because of the distractions he’s continuously caused, it is no surprise that ownership told Brown to hit the road. Unlike his departure with the Raiders, Brown seemed to be leaving the Patriots on good terms.

In Conclusion

Patriots fans can relax now as the cloud hanging above their team is all gone. Brown is more than likely done in the NFL. Three teams in a span of nine months isn’t the best look for a receiver in the eyes of the other 29 teams in the NFL. The guy couldn’t even last two weeks with the best team in the NFL. My goodness, what a world!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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