Breaking down the Patriots last three regular season games of the 2021 season

With the Patriots at 9-5, they look like a solid favorite to make the NFL playoffs in some capacity. Whether they go as AFC East champions or a Wild Card team remains to be seen. That’s why the last couple of weeks in the NFL are always the most fun! We get to watch significant football in December and it’s amazing. So now, let’s break down the last three regular season games of the 2021 season for the New England Patriots.

Patriots 2021 Regular Season Week 16: vs. Buffalo Bills

Easily the 2021 regular season game of the year now for the Patriots! The Bills stand at 8-6 and would have a better in division record with a win on Sunday in Gillette. If the Patriots win this game, they are division champions because of the head to head tiebreaker. So it’s simple, win and you’re champions of the AFC East. Plus, these teams played only three short weeks ago. A 14-10 win by the Patriots in Buffalo on a cold and rainy Monday night will have the Bills fired up for this game. They want to prove the last game was a fluke and that they are for real in the AFC East.

Prediction: Patriots 24 Bills 20

Week 17: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This one will be short and sweet. The Jaguars no longer have Urban Meyer as their head coach. They aren’t very talented. This should be a blowout. The Patriots should be gearing up for a much needed win in Miami the following week.

Prediction: Patriots 34 Jaguars 10

Week 18: @ Miami Dolphins

Week 18 features their annual trip to Miami. We all know freaky stuff happens when the Patriots play the Dolphins down in Miami. The Dolphins are playing really well right now. But five of their six wins have been against the Jets (twice), Giants, Texans, and Panthers. I’m not convinced that Miami is better than the Patriots. The Patriots should be hungry for this game after having it literally stripped out of their hands back in week 1. Something tells me Miami treats the Patriots well in this one.

Prediction: Patriots 24 Dolphins 17

In Conclusion of the Final Patriots 2021 Season Games

The Patriots could and should realistically win out. The Jaguars are a joke. You have Miami who you should realistically take care of business against in week 18. It’s the Buffalo game that is 50-50. But even so, I like the Patriots chances in that one, at home. So buckle up Pats nation. We’re in for a fun last couple of weeks of the NFL season! #ForeverNE

(Featured image credit: boston.com)

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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