Breaking Down The Infamous Caddy Situation At The US AM

On Thursday, we had one of the bigger golf controversies in recent memory and it didn’t even come from the PGA.  At a US Amateur event, golfer Oliva Pinto’s caddy did something no one ever (not even the casual player) has done.

Pinto’s caddy, as you can see, went down and felt the sand for Pinto who was about to take his shot and according to golf rules, that is a huge no-no.  When you are in the bunker, your club isn’t even allowed to touch the sand, let alone your caddy’s hand is able to touch it.  But the big mystery surrounding this situation is, why?  Why even think of doing that?

I have been playing golf since I was 8-9 and have been playing a lot more.  I have been in my fair share of bunkers and so haven’t my friends and I can confidently say not a single one of us have ever done this or even thought about doing this.  This is just so fucking absurd that a caddy thought this was acceptable to do.  What is even worse is that he denied it even happening.  Like hey buddy, we have you on video caressing the sand.

In all honestly, I feel really bad for Pinto.  He ended up losing a stroke for this and that stroke cost him the match and a chance to be a pro… Pinto, however, did come out and say shit happens and that’s the way of the game, but that caddy should be given the full blame he deserves.  But I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he had a lapse of judgement.  But that lapse of judgement just cost this poor kid a chance at achieving his dream.

I would love to get that caddy alone and just ask, why?  Like what was going through your head that you thought “oh yea this is totally acceptable.”  Let alone being unacceptable, it’s just flat out absurd and weird to do!  From a players stand point, never have I bent over to touch the sand to see if it’s wet or dry, or soft or hard.  Just never.

-John (Uncle_mac4)



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