Brady Hangs Up on Radio Interview

Looks like we still know where Tom Brady stands when it comes to his trainer Alex Guerrero.   He’s still sensitive.  But not just any sensitive, it’s like a child sensitive.  Tom Brady did his weekly radio interview with WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan today where they asked about his trainer Alex Guerrero.  Brady decided to act like a child and hang up the phone because he was done with talking about Guerrero.  I’m starting to wonder now, does Tom Brady not know how to handle himself off the field?

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Boston Globe

Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero

When Tom Brady restructured his contract a few weeks ago there was a rather small detail that was in there.  Alex Guerrero now can travel with the team and be on the field.  And we all know how Brady loves his Alex Guerrero.  But his little stunt today should concern you a little bit.  This isn’t the first time where Tom has acted like a child when the media asked him a question that he wasn’t a fan off.  A few weeks ago when asked about wide receiver Julian Edelman’s connection to Guerrero and his upcoming suspension, Tom Brady simply just walked away.

So is Tom Brady losing touch?  Can you blame him for his frustrations?  This situation reminds me of when your friend wants to date someone and you keep telling them that it’s a bad idea but they do it anyways.  At what point does somebody say this isn’t helping the team anymore.  Hell, at one point in order to get into Brady’s trust circle you pretty much had to go see Alex Guerrero.  And honestly, I don’t blame Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for banning Guerrero.  To Bill, he probably felt more like a distraction more than anything else.

But if there is anything we’ve learned from the past is that this team is extremely good at using things like this as motivation.  Who knows, maybe Brady will get angry and go scorched earth on us again.


Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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