Tom Brady to Get New Contract from Patriots

When Tom Brady skipped OTA’s this summer, many speculated it was about his contract.  In fairness, his backup Jimmy Garoppolo did just become the richest QB so it’s understandable that he was upset.

With the restructuring of his contract, Brady who just turned 41, will be the 20th highest paid QB in the league.  Earning the same pay as Cam Newton and Philip Rivers according to SportTrac.  Out of the top 10 quarterbacks, only three have won a Super Bowl.  Two of which were starters (Jimmy Garoppolo is the exception.)  This contract would be similar to that of Rob Gronkowski where it would is incentive based.  The incentives reportedly could total $20 million which would tie him for 10th with Blake Bortles.

Tom Brady is set to remain under contract through the 2019 season but some believe we’ll now be on a year by year basis with Brady.

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Jim Cowsert 

Could the Patriots Make a Run at Dez Bryant?

Imagine an offense with Tom Brady, Julien Edelmen, Rob Gronkowski, and Dez Bryant.  But would the Patriots really take a chance on Bryant?  They already have quite the stacked list of wide receivers in camp.  Furthermore, they also have a stacked backfield that can also act as receivers.  If the Patriots were to get Bryant, it would just confirm that this team really doesn’t care about defense that much.  Even without Bryant, they’re still going to be a team that will have to win to the effect of 42-35.

Unfortunately, the Dez Bryant to Cleveland rumors are beginning to get a lot louder now.  So if it’s unlikely that the Patriots will land Dez Bryant, than who will they get?  Hopefully they’ll look more towards the defensive side of the ball seeing how the Patriots defense struggled last season.  With that being said, if the Patriots didn’t allow a strip sack in Super Bowl 52, they probably would’ve won the game with a sub par defense at best.

But with Brady’s contract all set, hopefully the team can make another step forward to ending this awkward and rather stressful off season between Brady and Belichick.


-Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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