Blue’s Clues former host Steve delivers a heartfelt message


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In today’s age of young adults, many of us have core memories from childhood. These memories involve TV shows, beloved cartoon characters, catchy commercial songs, and the list goes on. As many can relate, running across them is like travelling back in time. It ignites a sense of childhood nostalgia that is in most of us. Over the course of less than 24-hours, social media has had an uproar in excitement ignited by Nickelodeon’s children’s show: Blue’s Clue’s (1996). Former host Steve (portrayed by Steve Burns) made a memorable appearance to address his (now) older fans in a Twitter video. It brought forth a touching feeling of childhood nostalgia for many.

Aired in 2002, the host loved by many children, made a departure in the episode “Steve went to college”. In the episode, Steve made the decision to leave for college and “we” were introduced to his brother Joe. Joe became the new host and, for many then-toddlers, this was the most shocking twist of our lives. In retrospect, younger viewers were taught the valuable lesson that the best decisions aren’t always easy to make. The show aired for four more years after that. Then, we received a surprise gift.

On Tuesday (approximately 18 hours ago), a two-minute video was tweeted by the verified Nick Jr account (@Nickjr).In this video, Steve Burns is seen wearing his symbolic green-striped shirt. delivers a heartfelt message to his now-adult viewers addressing his departure from the show. Steve lovingly expressed that he “never forgot (us)… ever”. Furthermore, Steve drew comparisons between adult issues and the skills taught by the show. This includes searching for the clue’s left by the spotted blue dog “Blue” and student loans.

Where did Steve Burns actually go?

In the video, Burns gave credit to the show for helping him with his many accomplishments. As we already know, Burns departed the children’s show in 2002, but he didn’t leave forever. Burns actually remained a writer and producer for the show. Surprisingly, he also assisted in the casting of the reboot of Blue’s Clues in 2019.

Unfortunate to many, there was no remarkable reason for Burns decision to leave the show. In 2017, an interview was conducted by Daily Mail in which Burns jokingly stated “‘I was going bald and I kind of looked around and I’m like – the people who decided that I should wear these pants are not going to choose a wig with any dignity for me. It’s just not going to happen”. It sounds reasonable to leave the show when an actor’s physical appearance outgrows the character.

To conclude:

Moreover, the video was a very nice gift to receive. A familiar face struck the excitement of a major audience. It’s heartfelt message was touching to many and gave hope to adults that are now searching for their own clues in life.

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