Bill Belichick Doesn’t Have Time For Andrew Luck’s Retirement News And Just Found Out About It

Bill Belichick continuously baffles me. In every single way, this guy is just astonishing. He’s the greatest mind to ever coach the game of football and he’s so focused on his own team and his current opponent, that he didn’t even know that ANDREW LUCK RETIRED.

Okay, look. Do I completely buy that Bill didn’t know the biggest news of the weekend? No. I think Bill’s got tabs on absolutely everyone who’s ever sniffed the NFL and honestly, he could even have microchips planted in all of them too. But if this is true and he just heard about it, I’m impressed.

I know he’s not on Twitter, but there’s no way to avoid news anymore. You know everything that’s happening as it’s going on. Unless you are physically living under a rock with Linda, the news is in your face 24/7. And like I said, the Andrew Luck news shook the sports world over the weekend and was absolutely everywhere. Rightfully so. The guy is 29 years old and was shaping up to be one of the best quarterbacks of the generation. But my God, Bill, where were you this weekend? Antarctica? My grandparents’ house that didn’t have WiFi forever?

He’s so honed in on the Giants preseason game that he doesn’t have time for game-changing news when it drops. He’ll worry about Luck and the Colts when they’re next up on the schedule. I’m going to stop paying attention to absolutely everything too. If it works for Bill, it’ll work for me without question.

The guy is a king and we’re living in a world that he’s controlling. I’m not sure how, but he’s controlling everything we do.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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