Biggest Villain In the NFL?

If you’ve missed everything the last few days, the NFL has an all-time feud brewing. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is the embodiment of what people outside of Texas think a Texan is, is going toe-to-toe with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the antagonist of a rom-com written by people who have spent their entire lives in a corporate board room. After spending about an hour trying to figure out which side I wanted to take, making a pros & cons list, I realized it was impossible. As a veteran of Deflategate, the thought of supporting even one of these individuals left me wanting a shower. Realizing there was no way to put pen to paper for a ‘pro on either, I put together this cons & cons list, so you can decide for yourself who really is the biggest villain in the NFL…JonesVGoodell.jpg

Written By: Alex Barth (@RealAlexBarth)

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