Biggest College Football Storylines To Mull Over Post-Spring Games

As April grinds away, College Football teams are finishing up their spring practices. Spring games are a fans last chance to watch football for the forseeable future, but also give a glimpse into the team they will be seeing next year.

As a bulk of the teams depart for a few months, before summer conditioning and fall camp, let’s take a look at the headlines we will have to dwell over for a few months.

Will Jalen Make It a 3-peat?

Former Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts is now at Oklahoma, where Lincoln Riley has seen his last two QBs win the Heisman. Both of those guys happened to be transfers too. Jalen ultimately chose to transfer because he was beaten out by a guy who better fit what Alabama was trying to do, perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name’s Tua.

Anyways, now Jalen is Norman and he’ll run Rileys much more open offense that is loaded with playmakers at the skill positions(on offense). By simple virtue of being in this offense, with Lincoln Riley as coach, Jalen Hurts is certianly a top name to watch in the Heisman race next year.


Tate Martell Didn’t Exactly Get The Hero’s Welcome Everyone Thought He Would-

Now to be fair, it was kind of his fault. Like a lot his of fault. At the Miami spring game, Martell, the Ohio State transfer, had such a rough outing that he was apparently booed by some fans in attendance. When he transferred in, he was supposed to be the answer at QB, a position that plagued the Hurricanes all of 2018. Just give his name a google right now and you’ll get a sense of the pressure this kid is under now.


Clemson On The Verge Of Recruiting History?

High level recruting wins championships. That’s no secret. Just look at what Bama has done year in and year out. Well, now Clemson is right up there as the only other tea min tat stratosphere, and the class of 2020 is going to be special for Clemson. They have a realistic chance to sign a 5-star plaer at every postition that has a 5-star player this cycle. As it stands they currently have the #2 recruting class in the country but according the the 247 Sports Crystal Ball forcasts, thats about to get a lot better. They are the perceived leader for the #1 recruit in the country Bryan Breese, a defensive tackle, who shoud be commiting within the next week. Outside of that, they lead for the #1 QB, the #1 and #2 defenseiv ends, and #3 running back. Those are just the guys that aso happen to be in the top 20 nationally. Dabo has that train rolling.


Five Current Head Coaches have National Championships, And One is At Kansas…

Even if Les Miles in’t able to save the dumpster fire that is Kansas football, at least he will have entertained us. Yes the mad hatter, who famously eats grass on the field, is back and he is as weird as ever. In his shor tenure at KU thus far, he has played flip cup with students, danced on stage at the Kansas Spring game with Rick Ross, and made a Step Brothers re-shoot with KU bsketball coach Bill Self.




For fans all you can hope for in this dead period of news is god news on the recruiting trail. Other than that, if a story breaks about your team in the next few weeks, either someone is in tourble, leaving or somethig along those lines. Only 12ish weeks till media days, so we still have a long way to go in this dark time called the offseason.


-Dllon Leary


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