Big Game Sunday in Houston as the Patriots can help their Playoff Path

The New England Patriots are taking on the Houston Texans on Sunday Night Football, and this game can help the Patriots get a better match up when Playoff time comes around.

The Houston Texans are currently sitting in the third seed, just one game ahead of the Indianapolis Colts. The Kansas City Chiefs are sitting in the fourth, and that is something a Patriots fan doesn’t want to see.

If the playoffs were to start today, the Patriots would potentially face the Chiefs in the Divisional Round, which would be tough. It’s not like I am saying the Patriots wouldn’t come out of that game on top, but wouldn’t you rather see the Chiefs in the AFC Championship?

My point is this, I rather Houston or Indianapolis be in the fourth seed because I believe that would be a better matchup for the Patriots come playoff time. I would rather Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens face off in the Divisional Round, that way both teams have a hard-fought battle then travel for another tough game the following week in Foxboro.

There is no guarantee that the Patriots go deep in the playoffs this year because of the Offensive struggles, but most people, including myself, believe they will find some rhythm going into the Playoffs.

Again, I rather not see Kansas City in the second round. We need to take care of business on Sunday and give us a better chance of seeing a likable match up in the second round. It should be a fun month of December.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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