Big Ben Should Retire

Ben Roethlisberger is old. He should hang up the cleats.

Tom Brady is much older. He should not hang up the cleats.

Brady is still good, Roethlisberger is not.

However, it seems as though Big Ben may return.

He should retire. Here’s why.

He Should Retire for Cap Savings

Ben is going to cost a PRETTY PRETTY penny this season against the cap regardless.

While 22+ million is a nauseating number, it is a heck of a lot better than 41 FREAKING million for a bad to maybe average qb.

The Steelers need to rebuild around their young talent, and Ben is so EXPENSIVE.

Simple math tells me that 22 is about half of 41, so the Steelers should want him to retire.

To restructure would mean Ben is still around for more years. Why?

The team won’t compete and doesn’t really NEED the 22 million this season.

They should strongly encourage Ben to retire so they can move on to their future.

Again, 22 is about half of 41, so the money says – bye bye Ben.

He Is Also Bad.

Roethlisberger has been in decline for a while now.

That decline, to go along with a litany of injuries, has manifested in his play.

He got worse as the season went on, throwing 10 INT’s in the last 7 games. to go along with 15 touchdowns.

As things got competitive and the temperatures dropped, Ben struggled.

This is to be expected of an old qb. The body gets banged up, hits start to hurt more, and by the end of the season he is gassed.

This is not a qb who can win a super bowl anymore, so why have him? Why have Ben and not let young guys develop if he can’t win you a championship or even make the playoffs necessarily.

The Steelers were fake good for much of the year, starting 11-0 before losing 4 of 5 including the playoffs.

As much as JuJu was having fun dancing, things were most certainly NOT FUN towards the end of the campaign for Ben and the Steelers.

It is time to move on.

Ben was great, but he WAS great, not is.

It is time for Ben to retire so Pittsburgh can rebuild around their good young core and good head coach.

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