Boston Soccer Fans!

For as long as I have been a writer for Couch Guy Sports, I have noticed the gigantic fan base there is growing here in this beautiful city. Each and every Saturday, you may come across some of my articles as you wonder what may be going on around the soccer world, or just want to read something about soccer.

We have a special announcement for you, and are extremely excited to see our fan base continue to grow!


Along with being able to read soccer news from local people, you will be able to also hear from us! We will be the Yellow Card Podcast, founded by Diego Galvis and cohosted by Chris Jones from The Chasers Podcast!

The Yellow Card Podcast will also be available on Youtube and Soundcloud! Make sure to look for us there.



Diego Galvis was born and raised in Colombia. He immigrated to the the US when he was 12 years old with his family. He graduated from Burlington High School in 2010 and from Bay State College with a bachelors in Business in 2015. Diego is a huge Boston sports fan and has huge passion/love for the city of Boston! Diego is also a BIG soccer fan. Diego writes for CGS on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

You may also recognize his face from seeing him being a headliner in clubs throughout the city of Boston. Diego has been a Boston-based DJ for a few years now. If Diego isn’t Deejaying, you can surely find him either writing for Couch Guy Sports or now on the brand new, Yellow Card Podcast!

You can follow Diego on Twitter @Diego_The DJ.



  Chris Jones is from Saugus, MA. Chris is sports junkie who has a passion for sports and loves to gamble. He is a 25 year old who grew up watching soccer and enjoys watching it to this day!

Chris’ favorite soccer club is Juventus FC and he is looking to take his knowledge on the beautiful game and share it with you through this podcast.

He is looking forward to doing big things and he is more than ready to bring soccer coverage more into light not only for the Boston area, but for the entire United States!

You can follow Chris on Twitter @CJoneswho1212.



Now that you know a bit about us as hosts, the question really is what brought up to do this podcast?

Besides our love for the game of soccer, we owe it to the city of Boston!

Yes, we do it to the city of Boston as there is huge population of soccer fans in the city but also through out the state. We felt the need for a soccer podcast for our people in Boston and in Massachusetts who love the game of soccer, and what better way to connect with them then with a podcast who brings their passion to their ears!

We are extremely excited but most importantly thankful for the opportunity to provide you with commentary, knowledge, and any breaking news in the soccer world. We look forward to this journey and we are extremely grateful for your support.

Yellow Card Podcast (Follow us on Twitter @Podcastcard)

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Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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