Becky Lynch Replaced by Charlotte at Wrestlemania

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H started Monday Night Raw last night with an ultimatum. Becky Lynch either had to apologize for assaulting both of them, or she’d lose her Wrestlemania match.

We all know Becky as stubborn and too proud for her own good, but she surprised us all. By the end of the night Becky apologized and true to their word, she got her match back. Just when we were getting our happy ending it got ripped away. Vince McMahon comes out and announces that he doesn’t accept Lynch’s apology. He then suspends her for 60 days which is 5 days after Wrestlemania. He then makes the absurd announcement that Charlotte will replace her, and face Ronda Rousey. Social media and wrestling fans everywhere blew up, but don’t worry, I’m here to calm your fears.

Vince McMahon may be old and out of touch with most things, but damn this is a stroke of genius. The thing that got Stone Cold so over with fans, was his battle with Vince and the authority. Now we’re getting the same situation. Becky Lynch going up against Vince and his prototypical heel. It’s pure gold, but don’t believe the scenario.

Becky Lynch will 100% still be in the Wrestlemania main event. Now it could still workout as a triple threat with all three superstars in the match, but in no way would they remove Becky. Becky has been the main staple in the women’s division since Summerslam in August and to take her out of the spotlight would be stupid. Don’t get me wrong, with Vince in charge technically anything is possible.

Currently the WWE is promoting a match between Charlotte and Becky at Fastlane, which is the final Pay-Per View before Wrestlemania. This match will most likely be to decide which one of them goes to Wrestlemania. The rumor floating, was that they still planned to have a triple threat match, and there’s a couple ways this match could go.

Becky Lynch could win and have her match as simple as that. This is the best way to go for fans, as it seems that’s the consensus. You could also have a match so grueling that there isn’t a winner.

This is how you would get the triple threat, and a certainly memorable moment. To me, the company is in great shape. The only way they could mess this up is to not have Becky involved in the Mania match. Becky will still be included so rest assured. This is a ploy to build her up even more, and there’s no way she misses Wrestlemania.

-Joe Pegoraro (@pegs1017)

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