Baseball and Airbnb?

I can’t say I am all that familiar with Airbnb, I use a regular hotel room if I go anywhere. Maybe it’s the life of a minor league radio play-by-play announcer and I am just used to living in hotel rooms for half of the year but I have not dabbled into the Airbnb lifestyle.

Of course I am always up for any recommendations and reviews on the service from those that have had success from it.

However today’s blog is about a minor league baseball team that has turned their ballpark into perhaps the coolest Airbnb that would make even this hardened, Comfort Inn & Suites veteran give it a shot.

Meet the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, the Minnesota Twins, Double-A, affiliate. And for those wondering, apparently a Blue Wahoo is a giant fish.

For the affordable price of $1,500 a night you get to stay at the ballpark and do basically whatever you want with it. 

Want to take batting practice? Sure go ahead.

Want to run the bases or field grounders? Go for it.

Want to sit in the clubhouse and play cards or video games? You could do that at home, but there’s no thrill like playing Rocket League somewhere new!

And you can do this absolutely whenever you want. Your wish is their command and you have an entire ballpark at your finger tips.


My only hangup with this offer, is that food is an extra expense. If I am dropping $1,500 a night on this place, I want full access to all the nachos, hot dogs and ice creams in the little mini batting helmets that I can eat. Seriously, ice cream is good but it’s never better than when you’re eating it out of a tiny little plastic helmet.

The sad part unfortunately for you and I is that we are too late.

The available dates have already been booked up, which is great for Pensacola. Trust me when I say every single minor league team in America right now is trying to find this sort of long standing promotion/gimmick. It’s a genius move.

As for me though, personally, I am at enough ballparks, sleeping at one is not a new experience for me. Sure you get a bed which is better than a blow up air mattress I sometimes would find myself on. But there is also nothing like free continental breakfast at the Comfort Inn & Suites. And before you ask, no, they do not sponsor this website but if they want to, I will gladly plug them in any and all blogs and podcasts from now on.


Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@VerbalCommitPod)

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