Ballhawk Zack Hample Eats It And Makes A Fool Of Himself

There’s always “that guy” whenever you’re at the ballpark. Baseball fans know exactly what that means. There’s always that one person who tries to get every single baseball that’s hit out of the park. Infact, there’s one person who even documents it. Last night, famous MLB fan Zack Hample made headlines once again for going after a baseball. But, not only did he not get it, he completely embarassed himself. It’s rare that this man takes an L, but last night he took a massive L.

The fall

Here’s what a lot of baseball were talking about last night. Last night Hample was in attendance for the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies game. Giants first basemen Brandon Belt hit a homerun in right field and it just so happened that’s where Hample was sitting. It was his time to shine and get a homerun ball. Instead, the complete opposite happens. Hample had to run down to where the baseball was set to land and jump over two rows of seats in order to get the baseball before anyone else. He slips and falls over the two rows and completely eats it, which is hilarious. On top of that, someone else grabs the ball. But, don’t feel bad for Hample, he’s caught a few baseballs in his life.

Hample’s collection

Snag a Baseball with YouTube Star Zack Hample

No, that’s not photoshoped. That’s real. These aren’t even all his baseballs, he’s got more. Infact, according to his website, he 11,288 baseballs. That’s insane. Hample lives the life every little kid dreams of. He makes Youtube videos for a living and goes to baseball games. Could it get any better than that? In 2021 he already has caught 104 baseballs.

Historic catches

Hample has made some very historic catches during his career. The two that stand out the most are Angels’ Mike Trout’s first career homerun and Yankees’ Alex Rodriquez 3,000th career hit (which was a homerun). At first, Hample refused to give A-Rod back the 3,000th hit ball but eventually, after thinking about it, the ball was returned. When Hample gave back Trout’s first homerun, he got to meet Mike Trout and return the ball to him personally.

Charity work

Hample does a lot of charity work. He works with the charity Pitch In For Baseball. Pitch In For Baseball is a charity group that sends baeball equipement out to youth baseball organizations that can’t afford to get the equipment. Hample is constantly raising money for this group. If you’re a baseball fan and want to help out here is a link: https://pifbs.org/.

Final thoughts

Hample is a legend. Yes, he deals with a lot of hate because of assumption that he just catches baseball for himself. Not true! Hample is always giving baseballs away to kids after he has one of two for himself. However, last night was not his best moment. Hample says that his next YouTube video will be one to remember.

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 




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