Baker Mayfield’s Agent Says Patriots Might Have Traded Up To Number 2 Pick If He Was Available And I’m Pissed

Let me clarify. I’m not mad that the Patriots were thinking about trading up to the number two pick if Baker Mayfield was available. No; I’m mad that this didn’t happen.

On Andrew Brandt’s “Business of Sports Podcast”, he had on Mayfield’s agent, Jack Millis, who dropped this nuclear-sized bomb on us that North Korea might have dropped eventually if they hadn’t denuclearized. Shoutout politics.


This news blew up today because quite frankly, I, and I think most people, were all in on the Patriots looking to draft the next man up to take Tom Brady’s job within the next few years.

They were being linked to all sorts of guys in the weeks coming up to the draft. We heard murmurs about LaMar Jackson. We heard little tiny whispers about Josh Rosen. We heard rumors about literally everybody. But the guy that I thought actually had some clout rumor wise was my guy, Baker Mayfield. Sure, you could say that the guy is a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. You could say that grabbing your crotch in your opponents face isn’t “great”. But I might also say you’re a prude. What’s wrong with a little self-crotch grabbing on the football field every once and while? It’s 2018?

Winding it back a step, I would have been all in on the Patriots drafting Mayfield. We know the assumed soon-to-be head coach, Josh McDaniels, likes mobile quarterbacks after he and his front office team went ahead and drafted Tim Tebow in the first round when he was the head there. And Mayfield has that competitive edge that you LOVE to see.

But you know, instead of Baker Mayfield they went ahead and grabbed Danny Etling and I’m just guessing because Bill grabbed him that he’s going to end up the next Tom Brady. That guy knew what he was doing and probably knew that he was drafting this kid five years ago.

Just a wild storyline to drop today from the clouds. And honestly, we have no idea if this was ever going to actually happen. We don’t know now and we will legit probably never know. But what would they have had to trade to get up to the two spot? Obviously, both first-round picks… But maybe even a 5th too and probably more.

Sad, now we’re going to have to watch Baker Mayfield’s career potentially end in Dumpland. I mean Cleveland guys.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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