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Avengers: Endgame has finally hit theaters worldwide and it has broken countless of records. It broke the opening weekend box office records in America with $350 MILLION and a staggering total of $1.2 BILLION worldwide. I’ve personally seen it 3 times now its gotten better each time I’ve watched it. Now that the world has seen it (probably multiple times), its time to breakdown all of the spoilers from the most anticipated movie of all-time. So once again, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

There’s so many things to talk about this movie so let’s just start with the beginning. They kill Thanos in the 1st 10 minutes. Thanos destroyed the stones and then Thor went for the head. It was a great subversion of expectation. 5 years then past in which Bruce Banner and the Hulk are one, Thor is fat, and Tony Stark has a 4 year old daughter. Then Ant-Man escapes from the Quantum-Relm which opens up the possibility of time travel. I love this first hour of the movie. People will say its slow but I thought it built great character development between all of the remaining Avengers.

We then go back in time to past Marvel movies which was freaking amazing. My favorite flashback is when Iron Man and Cap go back to SHIELD in the 70s. Tony gets a chance to talk to his father and its beautiful. One of Tony’s greatest regrets is that he never reconciled with his dad before he died and you could tell it a monkey off his back for Tony. Once the Avengers get back with all the stones, Hulk snaps everyone back into existence. But unknowingly to the Avengers, Thanos comes through the time machine and bombs the Avengers facility.

This leads to the greatest battle in superhero history. The MCU’s Big 3 (Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor) all come together to kill Thanos before he can get the stones. During that battle Captain America proves himself worthy and lifts Mjolnir. I lost my mind when I saw that happened! But the best was yet to come. After Thanos brings down his whole army, all of the dusted Avengers reemerge. And when I mean everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE!!! Then, Captain America finally utters the iconic words for the 1st time; AVENGERS… ASSEMBLE! I think I blacked out when I herd those words.

The battle begins and so does a tussle for the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos appears to have won again and says to Tony Stark “I am inevitable!”. He snaps his fingers but nothing happens. Tony Stark reveals he just stole the stones and responds to Thanos “I am Iron Man”. Tony snaps his fingers and Thanos along with his army are dusted out of existence. Tony dies a few moments later from the use of the Infinity Stones. What a moment. The more I think about it, the more I love it. Tony Stark, the man who started out only caring about himself; sacrificed his life to save the universe.

As the movie ends, we see Captain America go back in time to return the stones and stay in the 1940s. That is where he settles down with Peggy Carter and lives the life he always wanted to. I love this ending for Cap too. I would have bet my house Cap would have died but this makes so much sense. He got to see what a family can be like through Tony and he just left the fight. Steve finally got to have that dance with Peggy.

But while loved all that, I HATED THOR IN THIS MOVIE! I thought fat Thor was hilarious when I first saw him, but it went on too long. The moment he summoned Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, he should have turned into regular Thor. But I also hated that he just gave up being King of Asgard. The whole point of the Thor trilogy was for Thor to learn humility and how to become a great King. Now he just wants to be a fat frat bro? Fuck that. He was the best hero in Infinity War and then became the worst in Endgame. That is the major flaw of this film and its the reason why this isn’t the best superhero movie ever made.

In conclusion, I love Endgame with all my heart and it was a life experience like no other. I know that there will be more MCU movies coming but if I never saw another one; I’d be fine with that. Go see this movie again and again so it can beat Avatar and become the highest grossing movie of all-time. Finally, thank you Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Kevin Feige, and Stan Lee for this. We love you 3,000.

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