Auburn Right Fielder Almost Made A Great Play, But Instead Had A Line Shot Tip Off His Glove And Over The Wall For A Florida Walk Off In The 11th

Bottom of the 11th. Walk off dinger for Florida. College. Baseball. Is. Coo-Coo.

Look. This flat out sucks for the Auburn right fielder, Steven Williams, who was about to make the play of his life but instead sent Florida back to the College World Series.

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t watch most of the game but this play would have been electric. But now this guy is going to have this burned into his brain and you know he is thinking about it right now. You can’t blame him for the walk-off because it looked like it was making it over anyway, but you can sure as hell feel for the dude.

If you’ve ever played sports, when you make a mistake that you think screws your entire team, it stinks. This poor dude isn’t seeing it as the ball was already headed over. He just keeps replaying that catch over and over. He’s rattled, no doubt.

The shot though… It was a piss-missile. Metal bats in college baseball are wild to me. These guys are grown men rocketing baseballs to the moon with some sweet, sweet aluminum. The fact that more college baseball players don’t die from taking baseballs off of the face makes zero sense to me.

Also, shoutout to college baseball. This road to the College World Series is always wild and it’s easily one of the best things on TV.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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