Around the Diamond Ep. 99: MLB Draft Recap & Stephen A. Smith

It’s a Tuesday baby and you know what that means: another BANGER episode from us at Around the Diamond! Such a dope week for baseball! And we have you guys covered on ALL the big stories from this past week! From the MLB Draft to Stephen A. Smith proving he doesn’t know baseball, we give you all of it!

Topics This Week on Around the Diamond: Episode 99

We start with a quick recap of the Home Run Derby and how amazing Pete Alonso was. Moving into everyone’s favorite segment, Player Profile, as Evan breaks down a very exciting player! But they might not be as good as we were hoping?! Sam looks at a player you have never heard of but you should because he has been flawless!

We also cover the disappointing news of Acuna Jr. being out for the season and Matt Barnes signing a team-friendly deal with the Red Sox.

Coming off the MLB Draft, we give a brief recap and discuss some surprises including the Red Sox getting a better pick than anyone thought! Finally, we discuss Stephen A. Smith’s controversial comments on Ohtani and why he’s wrong.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our last episode! Here’s another past episode you can check out too!

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