Are You Out of Your Benny Mind, Red Sox?

Over the past few days, Red Sox trade rumors have been running rampant about Andrew Benintendi. The 26 year old is coming off an injury plagued season already shortened by Covid-19. So my head is trying to wrap around this, and I keep on coming to a roadblock. Well, lets talk about it.

Top Prospect

Andrew Sebastian Benintendi was drafted by the Boston Red Sox 7th overall in the 2015 MLB draft. Aside from being the top prospects within the draft class, and having promise, it allowed the Sox to bring him up to the majors. Even though Benny was down inthe minor leagues for over 400 days, he was showing a dominant bat batting over .320 in the minors.

Benintendi is damn good with his defense, even giving JBJ a run for his money.

With Benny able to see the ball well and put up stellar numbers is what made the Sox transition from the minors to MLB.  Along with the younger roster the Sox were leading with helped Benny fit right in. With Benny joining Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr, the Sox made for a very young outfield.

Welcome to the Show

With the 2017 season coming into play, the Sox made Benny their starting left fielder. Of course playing left field at Fenway Park is no easy picnic, however Benny made it look easy. Benny brought his hot bat and top tier defense with good speed to the position. Along with this dominant play over 151 games, Benny bagged 2nd place in Rookie of the Year honors, losing to Aaron Judge. Even with Judge being a stud for the Yankees, it’s nothing to look away from being 2nd in voting. Over 151 games, Benny batted .271 with 20 hr’s, 90 RBI’s, and 20 stolen bases.

Benny was dominant with hitting in the minors. He’s also shown some damn good hitting at the MLB level

2018 brought more bump to Benny’s stock. With his second season coming to an end, he went .290 with 16 HR’s, 87 RBI’s, 21 stolen bases out of 148 plate appearances. While these numbers were great for any team, it led Benny to be a candidate for the All Star final voting. Unfortunately he wasn’t chosen, however to get the nod fits.

Of course with 2018 came the run for the World Series which Benny himself did not disappoint. Benny hit .333 in the fall classic,  turning some defensive gems to help the Sox secure the win over the Dodgers. This would be Benny’s first championship, and the Red Sox’s 4th since 2000.

Why the Change?

Benny continued his 3rd season changing with Mookie Betts over the leadoff spot in the line up. With him going back to batting second, Benny batted .266 with 13 HR’s, 40 doubles, and 68 RBI’s. Yeah with this season he fell off a bit, but Benny is a great defender and a double machine. So why the change over?

Andrew, there’s talk about you getting the boot in Boston. How do you feel about this?

As 2020 came in with pandemic ball, Benny didn’t have a great season. Could it have been the switch from manager Alex Cora to Ron Renikie? Or just the overall horrid play the Sox put together overall? Benny’s stats were 4-for-39 with a .103 batting avg and 1 RBI. Sadly it was injury that brought Benny down in August, and finally shutting him down in September with a right rib cage strain. There’s always a light though as Benny notched his 500th hit in his career.

Toph’s Final Word

So Chaim Bloom, you got some explaining to do. As well as Dave Dombrowski and Ben Cherrington. Explain to me WHY you hold onto Jackie Bradley, ditch Mookie to the Dodgers after offering a garbage contract, and now Benny? Yeah, you made your bed with holding onto JBJ, also selling short on Mookie. What do you expect to get for Benny? Coming off a injury season as well as losing a step or two speed wise, where’s the value? Benny has more value than you expect.

Trio no more. With Betts traded to the Dodgers, and JBJ now a free agent, what fate does Benny have for him?

You already had to sit back and watch Mookie win another World Series, as well as a monstrous season. Wanna see that out of Benny too? You can already say good bye to JBJ as well. That’s the highlight so far. Aside from being a bit better in defense, Benny has the better bat. Once deemed the most prominent outfield in the majors, and Benny is the last one standing.

Now once your top prospect you wanna walk away from due to what? No pitching? Low in the farm system? You had the pieces to claim these and more. Thanks to Dombrowski, those are gone. And with JBJ a free agent, you lose him without anything back. Doesn’t also help that most free agent’s the Sox are eyeing are “interested” and nothing “serious.”

Get your head out of your @$$ Chaim.





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