Are We Just Going To Keep Pretending Drew Brees Isn’t A Top 2 All-Time Quarterback?

Okay, so it’s Monday and we’re officially back after a weekend of football… with more football. If you’re looking to guzzle down box scores and game recaps than you can navigate elsewhere (on this site obviously) because I’m not in the business of objectivity; I’m in the business of boiling hot takes so, without further adieu, here goes nothing… Real Talk: Drew Brees has to be the most underrated athlete of all time. Last night, he extended his MVP campaign to the tune of yet another 300+ yd/4 TD/0 int performance and I think it’s time we start reevaluating the pantheon of NFL arms. Over the last couple decades, whenever anyone discusses their all-time quarterback list, names like Brady, Montana, Manning, and even Rodgers get thrown around like a cheap prostitute before Brees even gets a mention. Now, I’m not here to argue he’s the GOAT—that designation’s pretty clear unless you spent your formative years inhaling paint fumes—but the dude’s already steamrolled his way to the most yardage in league history and, if everything goes according to plan, he’ll eclipse Manning for the touchdown record after all’s said and done as well. Understandably, statistics don’t tell the entire story because conversations like this are heavily predicated on hardware. That said, if Brees continues on this pace and manages to win another Lombardi trophy this season, is crowning him second-in-command even an argument? I mean, with a win this upcoming February, it’ll give him two. That puts him one ring above Rodgers, as well as Manning and Papa John—who both deserve equally no credit for 2016. Not to mention, he has a winning postseason record that, with a Super Bowl win this season, would improve to 10-6. Furthermore, he’s only missed 8 workdays in 18 years. Pair that with the fact New Orleans’ defense over that time would struggle to impede my D2, intramural flag football team from breaching the goal line and you have yourself a pretty convincing argument. As I mentioned, all of this is contingent upon Brees winning another ring but that’s just what next level journalists like myself do—deliver manufactured narratives predicated on manufactured circumstances. Make sure to thank me for my service… Anyway, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least touch upon tonight’s MNF matchup, where the Chiefs will travel to LA to take on the Rams in a battle of 9-1s. On paper, this is probably the best MNF game in roughly a decade. Normally at this point of the year, the NFL force-feeds us nothing but primetime pillow fights, and although I understand the committee finalizes the schedule in advance, there’s no reasonable justification for why I’ve had to watch Eli Manning trot out of the tunnel after 8 PM so much this year. That said, I really can’t complain. Football’s football. It’s like pizza in that there are good slices and bad slices, but when push comes to shove, it’s still tomato sauce, dough, and processed cheese… Side Note: as if there isn’t enough incentive to watch the game already, we also have a potential redemption storyline concerning Sergio Dipp, ESPN Deportes’ sideline correspondent who absolutely CRUSHED his MNF debut last year. This game was supposed to take place in Mexico City and I’m not sure how the relocation will effect the broadcast; nevertheless, look for Dipp to come out with steam barreling from his ears in a big spot tonight.

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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