Are The New Gen Consoles Worth Buying?

We are about fives months into the “next gen” consoles of Microsoft and Sony.  They both released the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020.  But now that we are five months into their existence, are they worth buying?

In a March 21 article from Gaming Intel, they reported that the PS5 sold 6 million units compared to Xbox’s 3.9 million.  Like I said, these numbers were reported in March and since then they have increased.  Sony, of course, is still leading.  But do these consoles even matter now?  I felt like around September all I heard was about how this will be the new Xbox/PlayStation platform.  I vividly remember that when the Xbox One came out that the Xbox 360 had till the end of the year before servers started to get shut down.  Which would make sense, right?  You want to try and make people buy your new console so they can continue to game.  But the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 5 never said that.  They didn’t mention anything about shutting down Xbox One/PS4 servers, and so in return essentially made their new consoles useless.

If these companies never moved forward then we would still be playing the Xbox 360/PS3, and still loving life!  It is almost as if they don’t want to upset their fan base, when 10 years ago this would have came when they announced the console.  But the one thing that I think is delaying this is the lack of exclusive games.

If you haven’t noticed in the “next gens” five month existence is that there are no exclusive games.  Which is a massive red flag and I think gamers see this as a massive red flag.  If you release a new console that essentially plays and does the same shit as your last gen, and you don’t add a big name brand game to be it’s exclusive then what are you doing?  Both Xbox and PlayStation should have made Call of Duty: Cold War and MLB The Show 21 a next gen exclusive.  That way, you are putting two huge name brands to lead your next gen.  I would guarantee this would have increased sales in both of them.  Shit, even make it a console bundle where you charge an extra $100 and you get two games.

But instead, they didn’t do anything and only sold the consoles on having “next generational graphics” that just so happen to be amazing when played on a “$1000 4K | UHD television.”  I don’t want to count out the next gens but it’s been five months and people still haven’t bought in.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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