3 Reasons Why Chelsea will Beat Real Madrid

With the death of the super league, the biggest clubs in Europe turn their attention back to champions league football.

On tap is a matchup of football powers, Chelsea vs Real Madrid.

Normally, I would expect Real Madrid to wipe the floor with Chelsea, even as a blues fan.

I think this time, however, will be different.

Here are 3 reasons why.

Chelsea Defense

Chelsea has been maybe the best defensive squad in Europe, outside of the bizarre defeat to West Ham.

To me, that was a football loss, it happens.

They have been nearly impossible to score upon.

The sort of suffocating and resolute defending has left teams searching for answers both in Champions League (Atletico Madrid) and in the Premier League (like, everyone).

This starts with all world superstar Kante, who finds a way to relentlessly disrupt any and all comers.

Ask La Liga leaders Atletico about him! Held scoreless in 2 games? For shame.

Chelsea’s Elite Attack

All of a sudden, Chelsea have put together quite a group of formidable youngsters.

When Pulisic is an odd man out, you know you have something special.

Mount has been a revelation this season, and along with Pulisic, Werner has finally come back into form, and Chilwell and Havertz are ion form as well.

Madrid has a solid defense, led by Varane, but this athletic group of hungry Chelsea players seem to be on the cusp of something special.

I look for the form up front to continue against an inconsistent Madrid.

Madrid’s Inconsistency

Did I mention Real Madrid’s inconsistency?

Compared to the world beaters we normally see, seeing a squad 2nd in the table, soon to be 3rd most likely, with the likes of Sevilla on their tails, is not normal.

They have been beaten by multiple inferior squads this year.

Without firing on all cylinders, this could be a tricky match against a confident Chelsea team.

Without Hazard coming back against his old squad, will Real have enough to break through the stalwart Chelsea back line? I’m not so sure they will.

This will be a close tie, and I expect Chelsea to come out on top 2-1 on aggregate.


-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on Twitter)

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