Appointment Television: Ice Guardians

So the Sox have had their dicks kicked in two games in a row, and you need to distract yourself from that ugly fact. Now with the Bruins having nothing but possibility ahead hockey might be on your mind. If your a fan of the sport of the frozen frontier you tend to be in one of two camps. Their is the camp that is likes to say that the role of the enforcer is archaic and slowing down the game, and the opposition that knows the enforcers have a role to play.

Netflix’ Ice Guardians is a brilliant documentary that breaks down every aspect of fighting in hockey. Guardians separates out the criticisms and the reasons for why fighting developed and entrenched itself in the game.

As the game had progressed into the more mainstream viewership of the public the tide seems to have turned against the enforcer as more people who never played the game have now become fans of the game. This new generation of fan has decried fighting as grotesque and fans of it as barbaric. Ice Guardians does a great job of addressing both the negatives that have been addressed in the last few years with the growth of concussions awareness while also trying to explain to an outside what an enforcer means to his team.

Wether or not your are for or against fighting in hockey I encourage you to watch this documentary. It may not change your mind about fighting in hockey but it might help you realize that more than a bloodlust pulls fans and teammates toward enforcers.

Written By: Jason MacKinnon

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