Anthony Davis Leaves Celtics Off List of Preferred Destinations

Well, this is interesting.

According to Woj, Anthony Davis excluded the Boston Celtics from a list of preferred trade destinations that he gave the Pelicans front office.

The decision to leave Boston off of his list probably stems from the comments made by his father last weekend:

I just want to start my rant by stating that Rich Paul and LeBron are doing an excellent job of breaking out everything they can to ensure the Celtics don’t make an attempt to trade for Anthony Davis this Summer. Collusion at its finest, ladies and gents.

Okay, where were we. Every single team in the NBA would have traded IT that Summer if they were in Boston’s position. The Celtics had an opportunity to acquire an All-NBA talent at 25 years old for an aging PG who had one good season and a chronic hip injury. That trade was a no brainer, so these comments are just absurd.

Next, I would like to actually talk about loyalty for a bit. Why is Anthony Davis’ father talking about loyalty when his son is requesting a trade mid-season from the team that drafted him? That is the literal opposite being loyal.

Also, if his father is so concerned about loyalty, why the hell are the Clippers on this list? They lied to Blake Griffin by saying they would hang his jersey up in the rafters so he would re-sign. Then they traded him a few months later. That’s WAY worse than what the Celtics did to IT. Way. Worse.

Everything I just laid out continues to prove that these AD rumors are a huge stunt by Rich Paul and Klutch Sports. They’re trying to scare Danny Ainge into not making a trade for AD because they know Boston can outbid anybody for Davis if they really want to. And because Paul and LeBron are business partners, Klutch is going to do whatever it takes to get AD to LA. Even if that means leaking bullshit information and wild accusations. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next, because this is only the beginning. If AD isn’t traded by the deadline, we’re going to be hearing rumors like these until July.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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