Anthony Davis is Dumb for Not Having the Celtics on His Preferred Destination List

Everyone reading this, take a look at the picture above. Did you look at it close enough? Well, look at it again.

That is what Celtics fans should be wanting and that is what Anthony Davis should be wanting.

Nick Cherico wrote yesterday about where A.D.’s preferred destinations were if he were to be traded and then sign a long term deal.

Well, Who is on the List?

Great question. The answer to that questions can be seen right here.

What Each of These Franchises Has to Offer

Each of these destinations has an interesting twist to this whole story. The Lakers obviously have LeBron and can lure A.D. to the bright lights of L.A. that way. The Knicks will be coveting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this off-season, so if all three of them come together, oh boy! The Clippers are interesting because they let go of Blake Griffin after spending his whole career with them (You listening Anthony Davis Sr.?) and are looking for that superstar to lead them once again. The Bucks are the best team in the East right now and could try to acquire Davis in a “win this season” rental sort of trade.

Remember, A.D.’s Father Doesn’t Want Him Playing in Boston

So we all saw this tweet come out a few days ago.

I get where Anthony Davis’s father is coming from, I really do. From an emotional standpoint, it seemed wrong to trade away Isaiah Thomas, a guy that made his career in Boston, played in the playoffs when his sister died, and gave his heart and soul to the city. But from a basketball standpoint, it was the right move. You ended up with Kyrie Irving, one of the best point guards in the NBA. Davis Sr. cannot blame the Celtics for doing what is best for their organization.

When It’s All Said and Done, the Celtics Should be A.D.’s Top Option

With all of that said, I still think the Celtics are the best option for Anthony Davis. With the combination of Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens running the show, Davis and his father will not have any concerns about the direction of their organization moving forward. Plus, he’ll have Kyrie and Jayson Tatum to play around for starters (assuming Tatum isn’t involved in the trade) and can build around that.

Plus, Boston is a sports town that has won 12 championships in all 4 major sports since 2001. So it’s up to you Anthony Davis. If this doesn’t catch your eye at all:

or this:

then fine Anthony Davis, go to one of your “preferred destinations” and don’t be a part of the winning tradition and culture that is Boston sports.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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