Anthony Davis Drama Show Week 1

Week 1

It all started with a WOJ Bomb early morning on January 28th, 2019.


Over the last three days,  there have been numerous rumors surrounding Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. NO ONE knows what is going to eventually happen.  What in the world are the Pelicans going to do with Anthony Davis? Per reports, the Pelicans have no interest in trading Anthony Davis to the Lakers right now. I just feel like this will all bite the Pelicans organization in the ass. I mean the team has to get all they can for Davis. The dude is one of the best players in the NBA and will continue to dominate as his career goes on.

We all know that AD will not be on the Pelicans for the beginning of next season. The question is, what team will he be on? The Pelicans organization would be dumb to trade him to the Lakers before the deadline. The Lakers are a competitor in the West which would make it harder for the Pelicans to win in the future. The smart move would be to move AD to an Eastern Conference team, where the move wouldn’t hurt them unless both teams make it to the NBA Finals.

However, Anthony Davis only wants to be a Laker….. This is tough because what team wants to trade for Davis knowing he will leave your team after a year?

Every team should be cautious trading for AD. Sure the Boston Celtics can put a deal together to get Anthony Davis, but then they have to convince him to stay. That would most likely take winning a championship his first year in Boston

All we can do as fans is sit back, relax, laugh, and just watch what is happening to the Pelicans organization. Every day there is some new drama going on with the team. Check back next week as more drama is sure to unfold.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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