Another “Gutless Bum” Bites The Dust

For the last few years, if any of you listen to 98.5 the Sports Hub, and I am sure you do, they have referred to the Red Sox bullpen as “Gutless Bums.” Now, I am not bashing them at all. In fact, I agree! The bullpen has been an absolute dumpster fire, and I have gone on record saying I am completely fine with any of those “pitchers” getting sent to the moon. Well, another one of them just did!

Marcus Walden

Walden is the latest member to be told he stinks by the Red Sox. He was just DFA’d to make room for the signing of Marwin Gonzalez on the Red Sox 40-man roster. Walden has been with the Sox since 2018. He only appeared in 8 games that year but had an increased role in 2019. He had a 3.68 ERA in 78 innings pitched. 2020 was an absolute disaster for him, and he got hit around A LOT. He had glimpses of being pretty good but overall, addition by subtraction! He isn’t completely off the Sox; no one may claim him, and he ends up back in AAA, but I don’t see that happening. He is only 31, and I am sure someone will take a chance on him.

Bullpen Overview

This offseason alone, the Sox have added Adam Ottivino, Matt Andriese, and  Hirokazu Sawamura, among other smaller transactions. Each of these guys will be given the opportunity to prove themselves over the course of the year, and that alone limits the number of opportunities Walden would have to redeem himself. Matt Barnes is still going to be factored into the late-inning conversation, and I think he will hold the role as the 7 and 8th inning guy with Ottovino shutting it down in the 9th. 


No one will miss Walden. I dont think he was the worst guy in that pen, but definitely wasnt the best either. Like I stated earlier, they all STUNK last 2 years. Im glad to see the Sox ownership is finally realizing that and at least trying to make moves to solidify it. Will it work? Who knows. If one thing is for sure though, they definitely couldn’t leave it the way it has been the last 2 seasons. Bye Walden! Dont let the door hit you on the way out!

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)


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