And it Begins…Davis Bertans and Trevor Ariza to Sit Out NBA Orlando Restart

This is a tricky time for all of us. Some of us are trying to figure out what our next step is after this pandemic is officially all over. Others are trying to make personal decisions that go beyond the pandemic. For the NBA, players are deciding whether to play or sit. With the league scheduled to resume July 30th, players have to decide whether they’re playing or sitting. Well, we know some players already sitting. Davis Bertans of the Washington Wizards and Trevor Ariza of the Portland Trail Blazers have stated they will be sitting out for the restart.

Davis Bertans

Bertans decided to sit out for one big reason: money. Keep in mind, this guy has had two ACL tears since 2013. He’s going to be entering his age 28 season and he’s also an unrestricted free agent after the season is over. Bertans is having his best season with the Wizards as he’s averaging 15 points a game, double of anything he ever did with the San Antonio Spurs. On the surface, the move makes sense. He knows he’s going to be getting paid from some team that needs a scorer. Bertans can supply that for whichever team gets his services next. Plus, Washington has a slim chance of even getting into the playoffs. What happens if he plays, suddenly has a decline, and then doesn’t make the playoffs? It might be a waste of time. We’ll see if this decision benefits Bertans during the off-season.

Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza will also be sitting once the NBA restarts. He’s taking a one month visitation window to be with his 12 year old son. Apparently, he’s in a rough custody battle. So he chose the time with his son. You can’t really blame the guy for wanting to be a parent/be with his son over risking playing for a few months and not getting that quality time. Honestly, I commend Ariza for the move. Could it hurt the Trail Blazers for a playoff spot? Maybe. But sometimes, family has to take priority.

In Conclusion

This is only the first straw to fall. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more names come out regarding sitting out. Avery Bradley and Dwight Howard’s names have been thrown out there too. We’ll see what happens. Maybe basketball won’t even get played with the increased cases of COVID lately. Who knows at this point? It’s a wait and see type of deal.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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