An Update on the Jack Eichel Situation

The last few months have been all trade speculation for Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel. Over the weekend, there was a bombshell. John Vogl of The Athletic tweeted out a statement from Eichel’s agent and you can see it below:

To make a long story short, the Sabres don’t want Jack to get the surgery that he wants. We all know Buffalo is going to trade him, there is no doubt that he won’t be on the team next season. However, this statement from his agent just made the situation even more interesting. This whole situation is very unfortunate and it feels like Eichel’s camp is pressuring Adams to get a trade done as soon as possible.

Looking at Adams side, he is no hurry to trade Jack. He took a lot of heat, including from me, after the Taylor Hall trade and not getting a good return. I do believe they should trade Eichel but he shouldn’t rush it. Not because of his injury situation but he needs to get a return that’s going to help the franchise going forward. Recently, the doctor who gave Jack a second opinion jumped on the 31 Thoughts podcast hosted by Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek and gave his thoughts on the surgery. You can give it a listen below but he pretty much explained why Eichel should get the surgery.

Final Thoughts on Jack Eichel

These are my thoughts on the situation. In my opinion, just let Eichel get the surgery. I know there’s a whole debate on the surgery itself but it’s his body and his responsibility. I understand the Sabres want to be cautious but if he got a second opinion and the doctor thinks he should get it then let him do what he wants to do. As for Kevyn Adams, take your time with a trade. Like I said, I think Adams should allow Jack Eichel to get the procedure down but he shouldn’t feel any pressure when it comes to a trade. Wait and see what you get regarding an offer and if he feels like the return could be beneficial then do it. But he should not rush a trade.

(Featured image credit to WKBW).

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