An Update On My Mental Health

I’m going nuts! Ha get it? Also do not google image “squirrel with nuts”.  This is NOT the only type of picture that comes up.  But anywhooooooo.  At this point we are deep into this quarantine and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  The White House announced they are extending the social distancing guidelines for another month.   This is unfortunate because I ran out of things to occupy myself days ago.  I figured the best way to not go full blown insane would be to have some form of one sided conversation with the internet.  Oh shit its too late I think I have gone full blown insane.

I have watched a repulsive amount of Netlfix.  Seeing the amount of time I have spent on Netflix the past two weeks would legitimately ruin my life.  But in case anybody is looking for something to watch Love is Blind is quite possibly the greatest show in the entire world.  If you haven’t seen it, it reminds me of a combination of The Bachelor (although I’ve never actually seen it), NEXT (which was a super underrated show), and The Real World.

It is something like 15 guys and girls who can only talk to each other through a wall. They never see each other. And get this, THEY PROPOSE TO EACH OTHER.  One of the proposals happens on Day 3.  I mean just the most unstable and irrational group of people ever assembled.  No spoilers though for people who haven’t watched it so maybe I will do a recap blog next week.  Seriously though, it’s bananas, watch it.

But quite possibly the craziest thing I have agreed to since the quarantine began is agreed to a family weight loss challenge.  I mean what in the hell was I thinking?  It didn’t even start yet but I can’t imagine it will go well.  Just disappointing my entire family as I consistently weigh in at the same weight.  I was just sitting here on quarantine,  snacks as far as the eye can see.  Fat and happy that was me.  Now I swindled myself into this mess.

Sure I was short of breath after carrying a bowl of ice cream up the stairs so I could lay in bed and watch Tiger King but that doesn’t mean I need to go on a diet.  It means I’m fat and in bad shape but did I really need to do something so drastic?  One day I’ll learn.  I start tomorrow so if you have any tips on how to become self motivated and not binge eat let me know.  Or if the site wants to put together a little charity event for my liposuction so I can cruise on through to victory that works too.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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