All NBA Teams Announced

The All NBA teams were announced today, and while they matched what most worth expecting, I have some personal opinions.

Get Rid of Positions

Off the jump here, can we just eliminate the positions? They limit who is on the All NBA teams so much.

The conversation starts here, and everything else I will say will stay with the presupposition that the positions stay moving forward.

If something were to be done, we really could eliminate the Center spot.

That would make it 3 forwards and two guards.

Really, we could just say wings and bigs, but I would be fine with even that small change.

Gobert made it in here over some obviously better players, like his own teammate Mitchell or the irritated Brad Beal.

The only reason this happened is because they needed a “Center.”

Ok Brent, but Who Made the Teams?

Mark Stein lays it all out for us by position.


Not a lot of surprised as the top. That list is filled with MVP candidates and the most famous duo in the NBA.

You didn’t think the marquee franchise, the Lakers, would have two first teamers?

They have the best team in the league, and frankly these are well deserved.

Lebron was near MVP this season. AD was the best big in the NBA (sorry Joker).

Giannis is amazing, Harden was better defensively, and Luka set the league on fire.

The correct list for the first team.

2nd and 3rd Teams – Obvious Choices

This is where we can start discussing the All NBA teams, in my mind.

Letting go of the whole center thing, Gobert is the third best center in the NBA and Jokic is the second best. Those are good.

Embiid was inconsistent and loafed frequently on defense. All the talent in the world is there but he does not use it.

Jokic started slow but came on so strong by the end of the bubble. We stan a passing big!

Kawhi, Dame, and Paul make sense to me. Those guys are great. Chris Paul led what was supposed to be a lottery team to the playoffs.

Kawhi is himself (and this award does not include game 7’s against the Nuggets). Dame had the best shooting season for a guard since Steph lit the world on fire.

Those guys are good for the second team. Third team having hard nosed Jimmy Buckets who led the Heat to an inspiring season, all world defensive talent and pace setter for the 76ers Ben Simmons was a good choice as well.

Are We Sure About This?

Siakam over Tatum makes zero sense.

Did these guys watch the games?

I understand that the Raptors had a better record and Siakam was a big reason.

This is a regular season award (obviously or else Siakam would not have made the list at all).

Siakam deserved to be on an All NBA team. However, he needed to be switched with Tatum here.

Tatum went to superstar status in the bubble, and will be a fixture on these teams for years to come.

He is one of the best iso scorers, most efficient scorers, and help defenders in the NBA by almost any metric.

Tatum is just better than Siakam, and I actually really like Siakam.

This was a miss, for me, but at least they make sense on this list.

What the Heck?!

Russell Westbrook is super fun to watch.

He has a great fashion sense.

Westbrook does a lot for the community.

Russell is a great competitor and trash talker.

However, he is not NBA caliber at this point and does not appear to be a winning player.

Westbrook was very good for stretches during the season, but did he help his team win? It does not seem like it to me.

He is an average defender who gambles a lot, which doesn’t help with his average size. If the fundamentals were there with his athleticism he could be very good.

The former OKC guard is a non shooter, which is rough in today’s NBA. It is especially hard for a guard to function without a shot.

This spot deserved to be Brad Beals’s. He scored over 30 points a game with 4 rebounds and 6 assists for a woeful Washington team.

Surely if they win more he replaces Westbrook, but how could they? The franchise is run badly and he has little help. He is probably an equal defender to Russ at this point.

This feels like a huge oversight, and the man has a right to invoke the legend Boogie Cousins.


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