Alex Cooper Comes Out with Her Side of the Call Her Daddy/Barstool Story

With no sports on still, we need some form of entertainment. For me, my favorite form of entertainment is Barstool Sports. With Barstool, there has obviously been the drama between them and their hit podcast, “Call Her Daddy”. Jess Donahue wrote a great depiction of what happened early on in this saga. We hadn’t heard from Alex Cooper yet on the situation. Well, that all changed last night when she came out with this tweet.

So Cooper came out and said that she would explain her side of the story. Well…that side ended up being a 34 minute YouTube video. Here’s the link if you want the full length video of what Cooper said.

After watching it a few times now, I have a few thoughts.

I Have a Newfound Respect for Alex Cooper

I’m not lying here when I say this…I wasn’t the biggest Alex Cooper fan. Honestly, I thought she was just a girl who was in her mid 20’s, spoiled rotten, and didn’t want to do much work. After this video, I quickly realized I was referring to Sofia Franklyn the whole time. The fact that Cooper does ALL of the editing, the marketing, etc., and does editing sometimes for 7 hours ON A GOOD DAY is baffling to me. She really takes pride in perfecting her craft. I don’t have to necessarily like the podcast. But now, I really respect how much time and effort Cooper puts into her product. Like Dave Portnoy said when he was on “Call Her Daddy” on Sunday, she’s not just a “blonde bimbo”. She was somebody who is really smart and understands the industry.

Sofia Franklyn can Kick Rocks!

I talked about this on Legends Lingo this past week. But seriously, how selfish can you be?! It’s evidently clear that Sofia didn’t like Barstool for whatever reason. I’m not saying Alex was any better. But I’d bet Alex could fit in better with Barstool employees than Sofia. We’ll see about that claim within due time. But back to this! The fact that the rooftop deal didn’t happen on the spot is beyond words. Cooper smartened up when Portnoy made them the offer. Franklyn held back and for what reason? To try to screw Barstool?

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Seriously, that’s really hard to fathom. Franklyn kept trying to “move the goalposts” as both Portnoy and Cooper claimed in each of their respective videos. You’re getting $500,000 guaranteed, your IP, (intellectual property, AKA the “Call Her Daddy” name), and you can leave in a year. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! You went because it was a courtesy meaning? Seriously, leave me with that ridiculous answer please! Man, does this girl need to go kick some rocks.

The Infamous Two Hour Phone Call Showed Their True Colors

This is something myself and millions of other people needed to be informed about during this whole ordeal. According to Alex, the two talked on a call for two hours and they were on two totally different sides. Alex thought the deal was great and Barstool was the only realistic deal they had to consider. Sofia thought the deal wasn’t great and wanted to keep pinching Barstool for every dime she could possibly get out of them. I get Alex wanting to be a supportive friend and cater to some of Sofia’s needs. But then, Alex realized that this was just not going to get anywhere. Even the lawyer had to tell the girls to get on the same page too. What a part of the story that was to hear about!

In Conclusion

Now, we’ve heard detailed accounts from Alex Cooper and Dave Portnoy. Sofia gave us the instagram videos, but it was a bunch of garbage. We’ll now see if Sofia comes up with something better and longer to explain her side. If she doesn’t, it just goes to show everything is true and she looks horrible in every facet of this drama-filled story. So now, Alex is the sole host of “Call Her Daddy” and back with Barstool for at least a year. Sofia has NOTHING and nobody knows where she’ll want to go next. It all comes down to one crucial detail. Alex cared more about the actual “Daddy Gang” and wanted to get the show back on the airwaves. Sofia cared more about getting as much money as she could and finding every loophole possible to try and get out of the deal. It’s a shame what success can do to seemingly strong friendships. But the show must go on and for now, Alex will be the sole host. I’m curious to see where Sofia goes from here. For now though, I’m #TeamAlex.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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