Alex Cooper, Call Her Daddy leaving Barstool Sports for Spotify

Anybody remember the “Call Her Daddy” fiasco that happened last year? Well, fast forward a year later. We now know the future of the popular podcast starring Alex Cooper. Alex Cooper and “Call Her Daddy” are leaving Barstool Sports for Spotify. “Call Her Daddy” will only be available to stream on Spotify starting July 21st.

The supposed deal for Cooper is a three year contract worth 60 million dollars. Quick math, that’s 20 million dollars a year. So with the deal being done, here are a few of my thoughts.

Alex Cooper and Call Her Daddy are Leaving Barstool Sports for Spotify Because of Money

It’s very obvious that this is a monetary issue to start. Remember, Dave Portnoy offered Cooper and former co-host Sofia Franklyn $500,000 each to stay for one year, along with incentives for merchandise. However, if you all remember; Franklyn declined the deal and started her own podcast. Cooper smartly took the deal and now is reaping the benefits. 20 million compared to $500,000 is an astronomical difference. I don’t blame Cooper for taking the money in this case.

Cooper Never Fit in at Barstool

It wasn’t a good match. Obviously, CHD brought Barstool a ton of money. But the actual fit between the company and Cooper didn’t feel right. After Franklyn left, Cooper claimed she wanted to make the effort to go on Barstool shows and hash issues out with other Barstool coworkers. But I think at that point, the other employees were fed up with Cooper. Plus, how much effort did Cooper really put in to having Barstool people on the podcast? She really only had a good relationship with Portnoy and Erika Nardini. Other than that, she wasn’t a part of the day to day operations for Barstool.


Barstool is still handling CHD’s merchandise. They will still be getting a profit off of the merchandise, considering Spotify doesn’t have that. So in a sense, Barstool is still involved with CHD. They won’t get as much as they did when CHD was considered a Barstool podcast. But, they’ll still get something. Plus, would it really surprise you if Portnoy found a way to get a deal with Spotify to get a percentage of Cooper’s contract? Honestly, wouldn’t surprise me at this point!

In Conclusion

I think this works out well for both sides. Barstool takes a bit of a hit with losing CHD. But, they are strong enough to be able to overcome it and continue to dominate in the entertainment world. Alex Cooper gets her big payday and continues to talk about sexual topics for a living as well as real world issues. So that ends that saga. It’ll be interesting to see what both sides have planned for their respective futures.

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