Albert Pujols Continues To Prove He’s One Of The Best Ever-

You may not have heard much from him lately but Albert Pujols continues to move up the ranks of best MLB players ever. On Saturday night, he passed some guy for 5th all-time on the RBI list.

That’s right, Pujols passed Babe in the 9th inning of the Angels game against the Mariners. He did so, quite fittingly, on a solo shot. That home run also happened to move up to 6th all-time in home runs.

Pujols now has 1,993 RBI in his career to go along with his 635 home runs. He also happens to be a career .302 hitter, which has been dragged down the past couple of year as he has begun to slow down.

After the game when asked about the record Pujols told reporters “You’re talking about –if not the best, then one of the best–hitters to ever play this game… It would have been even sweeter if we would have come out with a win, but unfortunately it didn’t happen”.

That right there is the microcosm of his career. The guy can have an incredible achievement, but at the end of the day, he remains humble and focused on what the outcome for the team was.

No doubt about it, Pujols will get to Cooperstown after the first ballot.

-Dillon Leary


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