After Seeing Bill Belichick Shirtless I’m Convinced He Could Beat Me Up

I’ll start this off by saying this. I never knew how badly I needed to see Bill Belichick shirtless until these pictures came out of him in Barbados.

It’s the most badass thing in the world. The DAY that the tampering period kicks off and agreements are being made, Bill didn’t give a DAMN and was just going to chill on the beach with his girl Linda.

One of the most coveted free agents on the market is about to leave your team in Trey Flowers? Please, let it happen. Your starting left tackle is about to become the richest lineman in NFL history? Thank you, next. None of this matters. Instead, Bill was just strutting his stuff on the island while the rest of us idiots are hanging out in the cold north like a bunch of donkeys.

But this picture, man. Legendary. I’ve seen some guys and have thought they could kick my ass. But Belichick’s body has convinced me that he could lift a truck. Look, he’s a heavy set guy, there’s no denying that. But are you trying to tell me that he couldn’t line up in front of a nose-tackle and back him off of the line? Come on, now. If you believe that, pack your things and take a rocket off of this planet immediately.

One word. UNIT.

And do you want to talk about that diving form for a minute? Holy hell. I wish we had the video because the splash that he probably made there was minimal. Nothing. A small drop probably emerged from the ocean with no sound.

Teams were scrambling the other day and panicking about signing guys. The Raiders are out here literally making themselves go broke. The Jets are signing running backs to lucrative deals. Meanwhile, Belichick strolled back in, inked a receiver that moves absolutely no needle and re-signed a special teams guy on top of a couple of other small moves.

Put this body in a UFC ring and Belichick is winning without a doubt. What. A. Tank.

-Nick Quag (@NickQuaglia)

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