After Much Confusion, the Washington Wizards Finally Landed Trevor Ariza

The NBA was in a frenzy yet again last night after a failed three team trade centered around veteran forward Trevor Ariza.

I’ll let Woj break it down for you guys in six acts:

This is one of the funniest NBA stories EVER. Phoenix having no idea who they were getting back in this trade is the most Suns thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t get how all three teams weren’t on a conference call hashing out the details. I know I’m just some pleb writing blogs on the internet, but doesn’t that seem like it makes sense? Stuff like this is the exact reason why Phoenix, Washington, and Memphis are some of the more inept franchises in sports.

Luckily for the Wizards, they did end up getting their guy:

Now I don’t know why the Wizards felt the need to give up on Kelly Oubre for Trevor Ariza, but what do I know? I guess Oubre’s contract situation is a negative, given the fact that he’s set for restricted free agency this Summer. He’s also been streaky with his production over the course of his three-year career. But my god, the kid is still 23 years old. He needs more opportunities to prove himself. Why would you just give up on a young talent for Trevor Ariza? A trade of this level, in my eyes, is a move made by someone who believes they can win right now. If Washington thinks that they have a realistic chance of winning the Finals this year, they may have some other issues besides scoring.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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