A Woman Finds An Entire Colony Off Honey Bees In Her House

CBC’s Carolyn Stokes went up into her attic yesterday, just too discover an entire colony of buzzing honey bees. The honey bees were actually nesting inside the walls of Stokes house and were making themselves feel at home. Stokes and a team of beekeepers safely relocated the bees to their new home outside the house.


Imagine that, walking upstairs to your room to go grab something and there are hundreds of bees. Even though honey bees do not sting, I probably still have been terrified. I would have grabbed a few bug bombs and destroyed everything in my house.  Luckily this woman did the right thing and did not destroy all of the bees. However, what if it was a giant nest of wasps? I honestly would have burned my entire house down and ran.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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