A Real Test

Okay, so we all know the history between these two teams. Super Bowl 51 in Houston. The Falcons held a 25 point lead in the second half, only to have the Patriots roar back to win. But I don’t wanna talk about last year, I don’t wanna talk about the comeback. This is a new season, these are new teams who will write their own stories by seasons end.

When the schedule came out and we saw Patriots-Falcons on the schedule, on top of it being on sunday night football we were obviously excited to see the rematch. But both of these teams are coming into this game struggling a little bit in their own ways. The Falcons are still battling their demons, having a hard time closing games. The Patriots have just been absolutely piss poor on defense, and just aren’t on the same page yet. So maybe these teams haven’t played up to their standards yet this season, we are still in for a good one I think.

We all know how bad the Patriots have been on defense. We all have seen the miscommunication, the wide open receivers running through our secondary, and a ton of penalties. The last couple of weeks they have been better, I guess. Giving up 14 points to Tampa Bay and 17 points last week to the Jets, their has been some signs of life. The easy one for me is Malcolm Butler, he has been so much more active and you can just see it when Malcolm has his head in the right place he is an elite corner in this league. The defensive line has seemed to be more disruptive the last couple of weeks, something they are gonna need as they play more of these elite quarterbacks on their schedule. The Falcons should be a great test for both the secondary and front seven, who have both taken a lot of heat so far this season.

The cast of characters is mostly the same for the Falcons on the offensive side of the ball. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman just to name a few of their key returning starters. They are missing their Offensive coordinator from last season Kyle Shanahan, who took the San Francisco job this off-season.

The Falcons do a bunch of things well that the Patriots are going to need to show they can slow down to have any type of success come playoff time. Between the vertical passing game the Falcons sport, a very solid and sort of underrated running game the Falcons have a top five offense, regardless what the stats say this season. All the weapons that Matt Ryan has at his disposal will really put this Patriots defense in a position to show if they have improved, or have just been fortunate enough to play a couple of teams incapable of turning all the yards they are still racking up into points.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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